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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

An updated kitchen can add value and functionality to a house, but the remodeling process can feel daunting. Even for experienced builders, remodeling has its “oh no” moments. With careful planning however, here at Chic Interiors, we can help you avoid common kitchen-remodel pitfalls and get you into your new professional design kitchen sooner and within budget.

From tub to shower conversion, to full remodel from the ground-up, and everything in between, Chic Interiors team provides every remodeling service you need to transform your space into an in-home spa retreat. Because we can complete entire bathroom remodeling projects from design to installation, you’ll never have to deal with multiple subcontractors.

Virtual Consultations

Step 1: Tell us what you need.
Pick a room, set your budget and tell us about your Pinterest worthy dreams – whether a full overhaul, or just some ideas to pull it together.

Step 2: Collaborate online
Put on the stretchy pants, grab a glass of wine, and hop online. Chic Interiors designers work one-on-one throughout the entire process to find stylish solutions that fit your style and needs. Design plan will come with a 3D room rendering with a couple of changes if needed. Depending on how far you want to take your design needs the 3D design plan will come fully detailed. The plan will come with all the amount costs of all the items going into your project at your doorstep, some assembly will be required if items are drop shipped

Step 3: Get the V.I.P. treatment
Our concierge team works directly with you to provide instant access to hundreds of brands. We take care of ordering and shipping too, so you can focus on important things, we take care of getting you a detailed item worksheet that will allow you to have a guide on where your items will go in your home. Once it's all arrived, with the entire plan virtually you can have it all designed without anyone stepping into your home.

New Construction

Our initial meeting is the most important throughout this process, as we ask a number of relevant questions to help us understand your primary goals for the project and determine your desired aesthetic.  It is vital at this point for the client to provide any inspiration images to ensure the Chic team has the client’s vision and goals at the forefront of their design.

Our second meeting kicks off with our initial design presentation.  The client may see floor plans, concept boards and even finish samples.  This is conceptual, and details will come later in the process. Based on your feedback, the design is refined, and additional meetings will continue as needed.  Feedback is crucial for the design team to move forward in the process. We collaborate with you, the architect, and the builder to ensure clear communication and direction of all design details.

As design details are meticulously considered, customized specification documents are created at this phase for implementation in the field.  Drawings are also finalized for submission to the city for approval.

The design now starts to become a reality!  We oversee design implementation and address any concerns in the field.  We are in direct communication with the builder, assisting wherever needed. This phase always has exciting moments as progress takes place at the job site.

Furnishings and accessories are part of our turn-key offerings, Chic team is what we live for making it turn-key for every customer to enjoy We are passionate about our work and the people we work with.  We strive to design beautiful, comfortable, functional, well-crafted spaces that lean toward the lasting over the trendy

Whole House Remodels

Whole house remodeling is a super intense planning on Chic Interiors Design and development meeting with you the client then coming up with a plan on how to redo and remodel your home. We work with the best contractors, painters, cabinet makers, electricians in the business to help facilitate your remodel we pride on getting you the best quality for your remodel needs.
We have a design meeting with you and go over all of your needs according to the plans we take the plan and implement it. Having 3D redesigns of your new spaces we pick out all of  your finishes furniture, lighting, and paint colors ready to start your remodel process

Interior Selections and Specifications

You will have a designer styled home, with perfectly chosen furnishings, to add a gracious and artistic touch. From contemporary furniture to traditional, with finely tailored custom curtains, drapes and blinds, custom upholstery, rugs, artwork, accessories and other interior decorations, your interior design will be complete. We have the resources. We get your style.

3D renderings

3D rendering for is the process through which we produce 3D images showcasing our design ideas. The best thing with interior renderings is that they can offer a more realistic presentation of the item being displayed in an artistic way.

Paint Consultations

Our Lead designer at Chic Interiors is a Certified Color Experts (CCE)!  Our all-inclusive color training, walks you through the step-by-step process of easily picking the right paint colors AND finishes for you in order to create a Color Perfect Home!

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