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From inception to completion, the Chic Interiors Team works concurrently, handling every detail of your home redesign providing a reliable and luxurious design experience. This dedication is made possible through the contributions of an intimate team of diversely talented design professionals.

Together, the team is proud to assist each client with a seamless transition, making the process a truly unforgettable journey for everyone involved.

“Make the journey as enjoyable as the final destination”.

Gredsa Johnson

Owner/Principle Designer

An award-winning interior designer of residential and commercial spaces, Gredsa strives to design unique interiors that will have a positive impact on her clients’ lives.  With more than 20 years of extensive and considerable experience, she possesses an innate desire to create and design interiors that exceed clients’ expectations.  With an eye for quality, a superior sense of style, and a client-centered approach to business, Gredsa  has proven herself as an innovative designer.  She offers a balance of creativity, collaboration and forward thinking with a structured, organized and detailed mentality; enabling her to deliver focused development, follow through and total completion to each aspect of the design. Great designs, whether personal spaces or commercial properties, begin with a comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs and expectations. Gredsa’s ability to develop client relationships based on respect, trust, and confidence has been the key to her success as a designer.  Skilled at creating beautiful designs under a variety of budgets, styles, timeframes, and requirements, Gredsa guides her clients through every phase of the design process.  She remains committed to cultivating valued relationships and helping clients reach the best version of their overall vision.

Jose Chavarria


With over 10 years of experience in working closely with his wife in the interior Design industry, Jose has experience in almost every aspect of the projects that are done. He makes custom walls and custom furniture. He thinks about the customer’s needs and the integrity of their home. He is an expert in his line of work, every measurement is precise and he always thinking about what is best for the customer. Jose also has 8 years of experience in the electrical field and loves to light up rooms with Chic Interior’s visions.

Jacqueline Ruiz

Hi, My name is Jacqueline but I go by Jackie. As a kid growing up I have always had a side to me that showed my love for interior design, I loved to watch home improvement shows on tv and DIY shows. Until this day I will only watch tv if it's a design show - if something else is showing I will not watch it! I love watching all the before and afters of spaces and the process it takes to make a room come to life. My love for Design lead me to Chic Interiors. My journey started about 2.5 years ago as an intern: my high school wanted us to figure out our passion and mine was Interiors, after being here at Chic they noticed my love for the job and offered me to stay and learn and grow with them. So here we are almost 3 years later learning and doing everything! from the back end doing the installations, paper work, some renderings, sourcing out product for the lead designer and loving what we do. The best part is reveal day and when we get to see clients' reactions all the back end work is worth it. On my days off I like to stay home and enjoy our backyard with my daughter and pets, occasionally spend the afternoons enjoying the beach here locally, and being with my family.

Sergio Flores

Sergio has been a great asset to our company. He facilitates Jose with all installs, and he takes pride in great customer service. He is a master installer and has picked up the trade fast as we grow. He is the best steamer! As you know, we need our linens, drapes, and sofas perfect for our Clients. His heart is with his daughter that he loves; her name is Melanie, she is a little funny 2-year-old that has her daddy wrapped around her finger.

Bianca Hale

I have always been interested in design and my favorite shows growing up were mostly on the HGTV network.  I loved watching the process, seeing the projects take shape and finally coming to life.  I decided to get my degree in Design from CSU Long Beach.  My favorite classes were related to sustainability as it relates to building and design.  I loved using all the tools the classes provided, especially making CAD drawings of homes, rooms and details.  It is a joy to be working for Chic Interiors, providing them with support and all customer design renderings.

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